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Notice of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration on the issuance of the Key Work Points of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration in 2019

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Major work points of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration in 2019

2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and is a crucial year for securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. All levels of the competent department of forestry and grassland to the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics in jinping new era as a guide, adhere to seek improvement in stability work always tone, earnest practice of new development concept and green water castle peak is the concept of jinshan yinshan, according to the ShanShuiLinTian HuCao system of governance requirements, comprehensive deepening the reform of forestry and grassland, strengthen the forests, grasslands, wetlands, protection and restoration of desert ecosystem and wildlife protection, speed up the building in order to national park as the main body of the natural protected area system, actively promote the establishment of system of protection and restoration of grassland, developing green rich industry, constantly strengthen infrastructure assurance ability, We will vigorously promote high-quality development of forestry and grassland, and make greater contribution to securing a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, building an ecological civilization and building a beautiful China. This year, the plan is to afforestation a total of 101 million mu, cultivate 120 million mu of forests, and control over 100 million mu of degraded grasslands. The total output value of the forestry industry reached 7.8 trillion yuan, and the trade volume of forest products import and export reached 165 billion U.S. dollars.

Continuing to deepen all reforms. We will intensify coordinated efforts to promote the reform of state-owned forest regions, ensure that local governments have the primary responsibility, promote the establishment of key state-owned forest management agencies, speed up the separation of government and enterprise services from management, and formulate measures for the supervision and management of forest resources. We will complete the state acceptance of the reform of state-owned forestry farms, resolve the debts of financial institutions, and revise the management measures, development opinions and medium - and long-term development plans for state-owned forestry farms. We will deepen the reform of the separation of the three rights in collective forests, further liberalize management rights, study the establishment of a collective forest rights management system for the transfer of social capital, strengthen the mediation, handling and evaluation of disputes over contractual management of forest lands, do a good job in a new round of experimental comprehensive reform of collective forests, and expand the achievements of the reform of collective forest rights system. We will promote the promulgation of guidelines on improving the system for contracting out grassland operations. We will deepen the reform of "delegating power, delegating power, and providing services", further streamline matters concerning administrative permits for forestry and grasslands, strengthen oversight during and after operations, and do a good job in the reform of "separating government regulations from government regulations".

Second, extensive land greening. Preparation for convening the 36th plenary meeting of the National Greening Committee. Closely with "area", coordinated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, the Yangtze river economic belt development, rural revitalization of the national strategy and precision for poverty alleviation, in-depth implementation of the key ecological engineering, to promote rural greening, grasslands 2019 tasks arranged for about 12 million mu, to further expand the scale of a new round of returning farmland to forest and grass, intensify three north shelter forest regions such as the degradation repair, pays special attention to the quality of forest precision promote demonstration projects and pilot scale forestry construction. Measures for the Administration of State Reserve Forests and related technical regulations were issued to speed up the construction of national reserve forest bases. We will expand the pilot program of "Internet Plus Voluntary Tree Planting for All", deepen cooperation with relevant enterprises and organizations, and actively encourage non-government forces to participate in land greening. We issued the Opinions on Strengthening the Work of Forest and Grassland Seedlings, issued the Medium - and Long-Term Development Plan for Forest and Grassland Seedlings, carried out a census of germplasm resources, and established a seed and seedling prediction system. We will promote the development of forest cities and forest villages.

Strict protection of forest resources. Summing up the experience of Anhui, Jiangxi and other provinces, gradually expanding the scope of implementation of the forest chief system. We will conscientiously implement the Plan for the Protection and Restoration of Natural Forests, carry out the review and assessment of the second phase of the natural forest protection project, promptly study the protection policies for natural forests after the project expires, and begin to formulate medium - and long-term plans for the protection of natural forests to comprehensively protect their natural resources. We will do a good job in the preparation of a new round of plans for the protection and utilization of forestland, and work out scientifically the cutting quota for the 14th Five-Year Plan period. We will research and formulate a national strategy for precisely improving forest quality, and advance the formulation of forest management plans at the provincial and county levels, as well as forest management plans for state-owned forests and forest farms. Pilot projects will be carried out to rescue and rehabilitate ancient and famous trees. We will standardize the examination and approval of the use of forestland for construction projects and the construction of facilities in national nature reserves, and improve forest cutting management services. We will strengthen forest supervision and conduct monitoring and evaluation of the progress of national public welfare forests and assessment of forest resources targets at the provincial level. We will give full play to the role of special officials, innovate the mechanism for forest resources supervision, properly inspect and handle cases, and severely crack down on forest-related illegal and criminal acts. Enrich the professional force of forest fire prevention, strengthen fire prevention, and cooperate with the fight and rescue work. A mechanism for supervision and accountability of pine wood nematode ecological disasters has been established, and provincial-level people's governments have carried out assessment of their responsibility statements for the prevention and control of pine wood nematode diseases from 2015 to 2017, resolutely curbing the spread of major forestry pests.

Fourth, we will comprehensively strengthen grassland protection and management. We promoted the promulgation of the Opinions on Strengthening the Protection of Grassland Resources and Ecological Restoration, organized the compilation of the National Plan for Grassland Ecological Protection and Restoration, and prepared for the convening of a national conference on grassland work. We will move faster to streamline the management system for grasslands, improve management institutions, and promote the integrated development of forestry and grasslands. We will strengthen oversight over the prohibition of grazing on grasslands and the balance between grass and livestock, implement projects to return grazing land to grasslands, launch trials to restore the ecosystem by planting artificial grass, and speed up the restoration and improvement of degraded grasslands. We will strengthen management of the expropriation and occupation of grasslands and supervision over law enforcement, and investigate and punish illegal activities such as illegal reclamation and occupation of grasslands. We will improve the mechanism for managing and protecting grasslands, increase the number of grassland guardians, and do a good job in preventing fire and biological disasters on grasslands. We will strengthen monitoring of grassland ecology, carry out research on major issues and key technologies concerning grassland protection, spread advanced and practical technologies, and strive to improve the level of grassland protection and management.

V. We will work hard to protect and restore wetlands. We will fully implement the Plan for the System for Wetland Protection and Restoration, improve government subsidies for compensating wetlands for ecological benefits and returning farmland to wetlands, carry out a number of key wetland protection and restoration projects, and intensify the development of small and micro wetlands as well as wetland parks and protected communities in state-owned forest areas. We improved the management of wetlands at different levels, assisted in delimiting wetlands in the third national land survey, and published the first list of wetlands of national importance. We will strengthen the development and management of wetland parks, and build a number of national wetland parks. We will strengthen supervision, monitoring and evaluation of wetland development and utilization, and release the White Paper on the Ecological Status of China's Internationally Important Wetlands.

VI. Accelerate the pace of desertification prevention and control. We will fully implement the Plan for the System of Enclosure, Protection and Restoration of Desertified Land, organize the formulation of an implementation plan for the Enclosure and Restoration of Desertification Protected Areas on Desertified Land and the National Plan for Desertification Control and Prevention (2021-2035), and jointly carry out mid-term supervision on the responsibilities of provincial governments in desertification control and prevention. We will conscientiously organize and implement a comprehensive project to control the sources of sandstorms and stony desertification in Beijing and Tianjin, and promote the construction of protected areas on desertification land and the leveling of shrub forests. We will actively disseminate typical experiences and technological models in desertification prevention and control to raise the technical level of desertification prevention and control. We will strengthen the development and management of national desert parks. The Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Construction Activities of Railways and Roads within the National Protected Areas Enclosed to Desertification Land were issued. We will launch the sixth national survey on desertification and desertification, and ensure early warning and handling of major sandstorms.

Effectively strengthen wildlife protection. We adjusted and published the list of wildlife under special state protection, improved the wildlife protection and management system, and accelerated the second national survey of wildlife resources. China has formulated the National Plan for the Protection of Wild Fauna and Flora (2020-2035), actively carried out rescue protection and reintroduction of critically endangered wild fauna and flora, strengthened protection of migratory birds, and promoted the construction of gene banks and breeding bases for wild fauna and flora. We will strengthen surveillance and control of wild boar African Swine Fever and other wild animal epidemic sources. We will adjust and improve the interministerial joint conference system for combating illegal wildlife trade and the inter-agency mechanism for implementing the Convention, and crack down on illegal and criminal acts of indiscriminate hunting and illegal trade in wildlife.

VIII. Actively integrate and optimize natural protected areas. We will conscientiously implement the Guiding Opinions on Establishing a System of Protected Natural Areas with National Parks as the Main Part. We will formulate measures to integrate and optimize protected natural areas and carry out trials, and start to draw up plans for the development of protected natural areas. We will comprehensively review the standards and norms of nature reserves, world natural heritage sites, scenic spots, forest parks, Marine parks, geoparks and other protected natural areas, make overall plans to revise and improve them, and build a number of new protected natural areas. We will make active use of modern technological means to strengthen the supervision of natural resources in protected areas and the monitoring of biodiversity, and make our work more timely and proactive. We have made reasonable adjustments to the scope and functional zoning of nature reserves, actively rectified illegal development and construction in nature reserves, and carried out demarcation and marking in national nature reserves, thus creating a map and a set of national nature reserves.

IX. Accelerating the trials of the national park system. The General Development Plan for National National Parks has been formulated, and the standards for setting up national parks have been published. We have completed the formulation and approval of master plans for the Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Parks, the Giant Panda and the Qilian Mountain National Parks, and started the formulation of master plans for Hainan Tropical Rainforest and other national parks, while simultaneously compiling or improving related special plans. We will strengthen the construction and operation of pilot park management institutions, focus on addressing the lack of provinsial-level management bodies, and promote the establishment of a vertical management system of the "administration-management sub-bureau" of the Northeast Tiger and Leopar National Park. We will launch the establishment of a database for the management of national parks' natural resource assets, formulate measures for the management of national parks' natural resource assets, measures for the management of national parks' natural resource assets, measures for the management of national parks' natural resource assets, measures for the management of national parks' natural resource patrols, and a list of access to construction projects, and carry out pilot projects to monitor the ecological environment and natural resources. We will strengthen ecological protection and restoration, and continue to improve the ecological conditions of pilot national parks. We will organize and carry out comprehensive evaluation of the national park system pilot program, carefully sum up successful experience that can be copied and extended, and actively rectify existing problems to ensure that the pilot program is basically completed by 2020.

Scientific utilization of forest and grass resources. We will strengthen macro-guidance on the development of the forestry industry, formulate guidelines on promoting the development of the forestry industry, economic forest, forest health care and bamboo industries, and formulate the Outline of the Development Plan for the National Sand Industry (2019-2030). We will launch initiatives to improve the quality and efficiency of economic forests and fruits such as camellia oleifera, and actively develop forest ecotourism, wooden-based grain and oil, underforest economy, flowers, bamboo and cane and other characteristic industries, so that the clear waters and green mountains can be better transformed into gold and silver mountains. We will accelerate the implementation of projects and funds supported by investment funds for the forestry industry, and carry out in an orderly manner the identification of key leading enterprises, forest ecological symbol products, industrial demonstration parks, and forest health and conservation bases. We will strengthen market research and monitoring of forest products and supervision over quality and safety, and promote the development of a market system for forest products. We will successfully host the 2019 Beijing Horticultural Exposition and make serious preparations for the fourth China Green Expo and China Forest Products Expo.

XI. Making solid progress in ecological poverty alleviation. We will conscientiously implement the Work Plan for Ecological Poverty Alleviation and further refine policies and measures. We will improve the policies for reducing poverty with ecological compensation, including protection of natural forest resources and compensation for forest ecological benefits, and expand the number of ecological forest rangers selected for employment. Insist on afforestation combined with precise poverty alleviation, strive for the poor areas is willing to and comply with the policy of cultivated land all included in the scope of returning farmland to forest and grass, intensify forestation, forest tending, support, support form afforestation grass professional cooperatives for poverty alleviation, engage more labor ability of document tent card poverty population to participate in the ecological construction and protection. We will guide and support poor areas in speeding up the development of green industries that enrich the people, and carry out a campaign of bringing science and technology to the countryside and special science and technology officials to help poor areas improve their capacity for self-development. To build a forest ecological poverty alleviation zone in Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province, and enhance the role of forestry in poverty alleviation in the "Three Regions and Three Prefectures". We will conscientiously carry out the responsibility of targeted poverty alleviation, and further strengthen support efforts to help Libo and Dushan counties out of poverty.

We will do a good job in publicity and education. Around the central policy decisions and center work especially new functions, combined with the important time node, elaborate joint mainstream media to carry out a series of promotional theme activities, grasslands carefully summarize the 20th anniversary of the achievements and experience, extensive publicity to forestry and grassland in 70 the founding of new China reform development achievement, selected tree a group of advanced typical and advanced character. We will make use of all kinds of protected natural areas to strengthen science popularization and education, and vigorously promote the concept of ecological progress. We will ensure that forestry and grassland colleges and universities are co-established by government bureagues and provinces, promote the development of forestry and grassland disciplines, specialties, teachers and teaching materials, cultivate more high-quality professionals, and guide and encourage graduates to find jobs and start businesses at the grass-roots level. We actively promoted the reform of the publishing house into a company, continued to do a good job in the compilation of the Encyclopedia of Chinese Forestry, published key publications such as Achievements in Forestry and Grassland Construction in the Seventy Years since the Founding of New China, Ecological China -- Overview of Chinese Forestry and Grassland, and released films and television works such as Green Great Wall, Clear Water and Green Mountains, Gold and Silver Mountains. We will do a good job in interpreting major policy documents, strengthen analysis and judgment of major public opinions, actively respond to public concerns, and guide all sectors of society to actively support the reform and development of forestry and grassland.

Continuously deepen international exchanges and cooperation. We will earnestly implement international forest-related conventions, make good preparations for attending relevant important meetings, and host a successful international conference on tiger and leopard protection, including the second presidium meeting of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. We will deepen practical cooperation in forestry and grasslands under the "One Belt And One Road" initiative, promote the development of regional cooperation mechanisms for forestry between China and Central and Eastern Europe, China and ASEAN, and the Greater Central Asia region, and expand exchanges and cooperation in national park development, management of protected natural areas, wetland protection, and protection of migratory birds. We will move forward in an orderly way international cooperation on the conservation of endemic species such as giant pandas and crested ibis. We will move forward with the China-U.S., China-U.K. project to build a Chinese Garden, and renew the China-U.S. Protocol on Nature Conservation. International hotspot issues such as illegal timber logging and illegal trade in wildlife should be properly addressed. We will support the International Bamboo and Rand Organization and the Asia-Pacific Forestry Organization in playing their leading roles in accelerating the establishment of the Global Forest Fund Network in China. We will actively implement the assistance measures taken at the Beijing Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum and do a good job in foreign assistance for forestry and grasslands. We will deepen cooperation in the development of overseas forest resources and facilitate the early implementation of international loan projects and funds from the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the European Investment Bank.

14. Steadily enhancing the level of IT application in science and technology. We will systematically plan the national key research and development programs for the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and strive to set up major projects for seed industry independent innovation and grassland. We will carry out major strategic research on systems to harness mountains, rivers, forests, farmland, lakes, and grasslands, strengthen the development and management of innovation platforms such as key laboratories and long-term research bases, and ensure that scientific and technological advances are commercialized and popularized. Technical committees on standardization of national parks, protected natural areas and grasslands have been set up to promote internationalization of standards. We will strengthen the protection and application of intellectual property rights, promote the certification of raw material forests, bamboo forests and their products, and the tourism certification of protected areas, and release the results of cataloguing investigation on genetic resources of camellia oleifera and walnut. We will launch the construction of full-cycle demonstration sites of smart forestry, fully implement the Golden Forest Project, and promote the construction of the ecological big data basic platform system and the collaborative sharing platform of forestry data resources under the "three major strategies". Strengthen the top-level design of network security, pay attention to the security level protection of information systems, establish a regular security inspection mechanism for networks, websites and information systems, and improve the management and online service level of forestry networks.

Continue to strengthen policy guarantees for the rule of law. We will conscientiously implement the newly revised Law on Contracting Rural Land, coordinate with efforts to revise the Forest Law, advance legislation on the protection of national parks and wetlands, and revise the Grassland Law, the Regulations on Nature Reserves, and the Regulations on the Protection of Wild Plants. Handling administrative reconsideration cases in accordance with the law, responding to administrative litigation cases well, and strengthening the legitimacy review of normative documents. We will streamline investment management channels in line with institutional reforms and adjustments to their functions. We will strengthen monitoring of the benefits of major projects, policies, and projects, carry out in-depth studies on major issues, and start compiling the 14th Five-Year Plan for forestry and grasslands. We will improve major policies for returning farmland to forests, carry out research on grassland insurance policies, actively implement investment in roads in state-owned forest regions (forest farms) and in restoring degraded sheltered forests, and strive for a steady increase in central government funding. We will expand the use of development-related policy-based financial loans and actively raise public funds for afforestation and other purposes. To study and establish a statistical index system for grasslands and protected natural areas. We will advance online approval and supervision of projects and funds, revise rules on internal audit work, and strengthen follow-up audit of the implementation of major policies and audit and inspection of major capital projects to ensure the safe operation of funds.

16. Persisting in comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline. We will fully implement Xi Jinping's Chinese characteristics for a new era