Corporate culture

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business principles
Code of conduct
Create value for customers,to create value of themselves.
R&D Guidelines
Innovation lies in the market,labor is needed for labor,interest is successful,and excellence comes from persistence.
Management guidelines
Systematic thinking,based on professional,attention on details.
HR guidelines
Focus on career drive,team spirit,practical ability,pioneering spirit and work performance.
Cultural characteristics
A harmonious,pragmatic and enterprising culture of innovation.
Environmental policy
Protecting the environment,for the benefit of mankind;Save energy and reduce emissions to benefit the country and the people. Low-carbon life,sustainable development;Beautiful China,beautiful health source.
Corporate mission
Science and technology create a green world
With science and technology,lead the future of garden machinery,lead the future of harmony between human and nature.
Corporate philosophy
Pursuit more sophisticated technology,produce excellent products.
Pursuit more rapid service,solve problems for customers timely.
Pursuit better experience,let SHUNYANG become your first choice.
Corporate vision
Technology leader,service leader,experience leader,overall leader,Industry leader.
Corporate Values

Technology as the forerunner,Quality as the fundamental.Quality develops market,and service brings people together.To survive the market and to concentric development.

In line with “technology creates value,innovation improves efficiency”,create value for customers,creates opportunities for employees,and create benefits for the society.