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2019 China International Forestry Machinery Exhibition & China International Smart Forestry Expo

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China International Forestry Machinery Exhibition

SINO FOMA China International Forestry Machinery Exhibition, which has been successfully held for three times since 2016, is the only professional event of outdoor forestry machinery in Asia. It is held every autumn in Hefei, Anhui Province.

To further promote the sustainable development of forestry machinery and the wisdom of forestry industry at home and abroad, sponsored by the China forestry machinery association, national forestry departments to conduct the mingde, anhui in the convention and exhibition co., LTD., to undertake the "2019 China international forestry machinery exhibition and the first China international forestry exposition wisdom" (hereinafter referred to as "machine" exhibition Lin), on October 18 to 20, 2019 held in hefei binhu international conference and exhibition center.

The exhibition of more than 20000 square meters, integrated the outdoor large forest forestry machine, auxiliary plant machinery at home and abroad, the wisdom of forestry, forest protection equipment, garden machinery, garden tools, forest pest control equipment, and other products, by focusing on Lin machine of domestic and foreign advanced equipment and technology, to promote exchanges and cooperation between the upstream and downstream industries.

Display Settings

The exhibition area of this year's China Forest Machinery Exhibition is more than 20,000 square meters. It is divided into two sections: forestry machinery exhibition and intelligent forestry exhibition. The details are as follows:

(1) Forestry machinery exhibition

The main contents are as follows:

1. International exhibition area. Invite overseas excellent forestry machinery production enterprises to participate in the exhibition.

2. Forest machinery exhibition area. The exhibition will focus on the latest products and new technologies in the forestry machinery industry, including seed picking equipment, seed testing and storage equipment, direct planting and sowing machinery, aircraft direct planting equipment, seedling raising machinery, pit digging machine, sprinkler irrigation equipment, land preparation and forestation machinery, and factory seedling raising equipment, etc. Irrigation and weeding machine, picking and breeding machine, wood grasping machine, lumber truck, etc.

3. Garden machinery, garden tools exhibition area. Key demonstration garden machinery, garden tools industry new product new technology, garden machinery show specific content is as follows: knapsack lateral (exo) cutting machine, grass trimmer, hedge machine, tea tree pruning machine, tea plucking machine, lawn machine, suction fan blowing, chain saw, chain saw, lawn trimming machine, the safest drafting machine, rotary cultivator, snow blowers, landscaping and maintenance equipment; The specific display of garden tools is as follows: garden scissors, pruning shears, garden scissors, soil looser, small hoe, spade, rake, shovel, tool kit, etc.

4. Forest fire prevention equipment exhibition area. Focus is the forest fire prevention industry, new products, new technologies, the concrete content is as follows: forest fire detectors, fire fighting equipment and fire fighting tools, communications equipment, forest fire special vehicles, protective gear, picnic, camping equipment, early warning and monitoring facilities, organization, command software, aviation fire extinguishing equipment, machine, portable water pump, water tankers, etc.;

5. Forest pest control equipment exhibition area. The exhibition will focus on the latest products and new technologies in the forest pest control equipment industry. The specific contents are as follows: Powder Sprayer, Vehicle-mounted Sprayer, Hot Smoke Machine, High-range Sprayer, Aeronautical Sprayer, Pillar Infusion Machine, Trapping Machine, Detection & Detection Lamp, Biological Pesticide Sprayer, etc.

6. Outdoor exhibition area. Large - scale forest machinery and equipment, forest prevention equipment product display.

(2) Intelligent Forestry Exhibition

The main contents are as follows:

1. Intelligent forestry monitoring system and equipment exhibition area. It mainly displays forestry satellite remote sensing system (RS), geographic information system (GIS), positioning and monitoring system (GPS), unmanned aerial vehicle sensing system, forestry dynamic monitoring and management equipment, etc.

2. Forestry information data transmission equipment exhibition area. It focuses on displaying forestry sensing and communication equipment, forestry intelligent product equipment and other related facilities and equipment.

3. Forestry data processing platform exhibition area. Focus on the display of information application solutions, forestry management government affairs system engineering, Internet of Things technology, cloud computing technology, artificial intelligence technology, big data center construction, forestry monitoring and command platform, forestry information products, forestry intelligent software system; It focuses on displaying the latest products and new technologies of the intelligent forestry industry.